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Sunday, January 23, 2011

What We Like: JC's Favorites 2

It is time to start a second round of the films that make up our favorites. It is hard to review films objectively. Well, actually it is impossible. Film reviewing is entirely based on opinion alone; would I recommend these movies? Yes, and if you like the types of movies I like then you should check them out. So what are the movies that make up my favorites? These are movies that are unique (there really isn’t any other movie like them or there hasn’t been in a very long time); these are movies that one can watch multiple times and not get tired of them (you might be surprised but I probably do watch these a lot more than any other movie) and these are films that I would love for you to buy,/rent, and check out because if you like movies like I do you will love these.

 Kingdom of Heaven (2-Disc Widescreen Edition)    Brick   Bullets Over Broadway

  1. Kingdom of Heaven – The Director’s Cut

The movie that came out in theaters was an incomprehensible, self-righteous piece of shit. And it flopped. This is 100% reasonable, because that cut is missing almost an entire hour of movie. Why the studio decided to release a movie with an entire third of it missing perplexes me. Thankfully we have DVDs today and Ridley Scott’s Director’s Cut can be seen in your home theaters. The 194 minutes director’s cut (yeah that’s 3hrs and 14 min) is a beautiful film that holds itself against Laurence of Arabia and Ben Hur as the greatest epic of all time. They honestly don’t make them like this anymore. The movie starts with a musical overture over the temples of Jerusalem, and even has an entr’acte. This is an opera. And yes it is so beautiful that it can be watched multiple times. If you have 194 spare minutes in your weekend I suggest you check it out; this film is an event unlike anything you’ve seen. 

  1. Brick

Excluding Brick, they also don’t make movies like this anymore. Rian Johnsons’ Brick is a high school coming of age drama unlike any other. The photography, acting, dialogue, and attitude of the film are all reminiscent of a 1940s noir film. Joseph Gordon Levit talks like Humphrey Bogar in the Maltese Falcon, Emile de Ravin is your blonde victim very much like Janet Leigh, and Nora Zehetner is a sexy seductress in a role that could have been played by a young Rita Hayworth. Brick is one of those movies that remind us movies are not real life, but good craftsmanship can make their world cooler, suave, and more sophisticated than the real world. If you love movies, classic movies, you should check out Brick.

  1. Bullets Over Broadway

I love Woody Allen movies. And this relatively unknown Woody Allen film pretty lays down why I love movies in general. This is a story about stories, the people who make stories, and why we love stories. Do I need to say anything more? It is a great Allen film, a great dark-comedy, a great performance of John Cusack and over all just great. 


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