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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol. The story everyone knows. One would think perhaps that the tale Dickens created many years ago would be long forgotten, but no. Today it is still the most popular story waiting to be lampooned by every television show, children's cartoon, and waiting to be remade almost on a yearly basis by major motion picture movie studios. From 2008 (this year) all the way to 2010 you can count on seeing a version of this classic tale in a theater near you.

Lets go in order of release date:

"An American Tale" 2008 Empower Pictures Directed By: David Zucker

Ah, the Zuckers, creators and writers of "Airplane!" "Naked Gun" "Superhero Movie" as well as many others. Naturally, you can expect a good laugh from this upcoming version of the classic Christmas story. Starring Zucker regular Leslie Nielsen, many other comedy stars like Kelsey Grammer, Kevin Farley, John Voight, and Dennis Hopper.

You can expect many renamed characters, out of context gags, at least one "Surely, and don't call me Shirley joke." I'll put my money on this to take #1 in the box office as far as Christmas themed movies are concerned. When a trailer comes out, I'll post it.

On to 2009:

"A Christmas Carol" 2009 ImageMovers Directed By: Robert Zemeckis

Zemekis used to make movies that were heartfelt and warming, and he used to use... um... actors but ever since he moved into 100% motion captured animated films that are supposed to look real he has gone down hill. People may say "Zemekis, why don't you make films with actors anymore? Forest Gump and Back to the Future were amazing." Truthfully, I think the reason he makes films with mo-cap now is because of the fact that he can now control the actors to new levels to get exactly what he wants in his films. Eitherway, Zemekis has a way with Christmas themed films, so this should be the perfect medicine for surviving 2009.

This film stars Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn, Colin Firth, Michael J Fox, Carey Elwes, and Christopher Lloyd. Least to say, it is an amazing cast, and seeing Michael J fox again will be nice. You can bet Tom Hanks was wanted for Scrooge, but noone can hold a candle to Jim Carrey. This film is a certain hit. When a trailer is available I will post it here.

On to 2010:

"A Christmas Carol" 2010 Directed By: Lasse Hallström

Nothing is known about this movie right now except for the fact that its director also made "Cider House Rules", "Chocolat", and "Cassanova." It hardly seems like his thing to make this film, but hey, to each his own. As I find out more about this film, I will certainly post the information here. I guess I'll post the trailer too, but thats like 2 years from now. In the meantime enjoy the three others and try not to get sick of the premise, because I can bet you'll be seeing many more adaptations of it in your lifetime.

Why do people keep adapting this story, you'd think someone would get sick of it. I guess people have and they won't see these four films, but hey at least its not the general public. Well enjoy watching all your summer blockbusters and hold your breath for these next three winter releases.

As Tiny Tim would say... "God Bless Us, Everyone."

Merry [Early] Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Forgetting Sarah Marshall is written by and stars Freaks and Geeks Alumni, Jason Segel. It is produced by Judd Apatow, and Directed by Nick Stoller. Basically the story of the film is that Peter Brenner (Segel) and Tv Superstar Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) are in a romantic relationship. After a week away, Sarah returns home to a naked, love sick, Peter, where she promptly breaks up with him. It turns out there is another man in her life and Pete is not the one for her any more.

Stephen Schwartz Gets a Hollywood Star

Hello There,

Today I attended the Hollywood Star Setting of Stephen Schwartz. Stephen Schwartz is the man behind the wonderful lyrics of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocohontas, Enchanted, and Dreamworks Prince of Egypt. He also has composed and written the shows Pippin, Wicked, and Godspell.

How To Hook Up Your Home Theater

There is a new Disney short around, starring Goofy!

The Disney short program was a program started in the 1940's that would train young artists and animators in thier craft. Now, John Lasseter is bringing it back to the studio once again.

The shorts are being done entirely paperless, to teach artitsts how to use the new Wacom Cintiq, digital drawing software, which can give the old Disney traditional touch to a totally digital drawing.

Catch a clip here!

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