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Monday, January 17, 2011


I did not grew up with the first TRON movie; in fact when I first saw the trailer for this movie I believed for a second they had based the film off the videogame and expected a movie based of Pong to be announced any day now. I am stating this to make it clear this review is not being written by an avid fan whose childhood memories were either destroyed or brought back by this movie.
Tron Legacy

Having said that, watching TRON: Legacy actually made me want to watch the previous one; until I realized the original one looked like this:

Tron: Legacy is an exciting movie that despite its overload in special effects and contemporary computer jargon feels very much like an updated 1980s film in the way it goes about it; it is so classic that it feels quite fresh. The story is simple; Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) disappears at some point after the first movie just after he claimed he had a breakthrough in some technology involving the grid. His son, Sam (Garret Hedlund) grows up fatherless and the heir to Encom Corp; one day while checking up the old arcade he gets transported to the grid. There is father and son reunion in the digital world where Clu, an evil program that looks like a young Jeff Bridges is building an army to conquer the real world. Sam and Flynn need to get to the real world before Clu’s army does and delete his computer file. Tagging Along with Sam and Flynn is a renegade computer program named Quorra (Olivia Wilde). The story unfolds as you pretty much expect it do so. Including a quasi love story between Sam and Quorra that brings the question: if you can program a sexy computer persona who can love, is this a step above an animatronic sex doll or something more socially ok? Either way she looks good in that spandex suit. We will see a lot of cosplayers, and Halloween costumes of her this year (I doubt they’ll look as good).
It really goes without saying that the Special effects are incredible and that as far as 3D goes this is one of the best out there because the film was meant to be watched in 3D (there is actually a little reminder at the beginning that this is the case). I have to give some recognition to the action scenes; for once in CGI extravaganza film I understood exactly what was going on in every action sequence, where the good guys are, where the bad guys are, who is shooting whom and who just got shot. That was the best part of the film along with the soundtrack by Daft Punk. Other than that everyone else does what they are supposed to do. The actors embody their characters rather than perform them, but that is the best they can do with the material, while Jeff Bridges and Martin Sheen (as partying program) give a quirkier more enjoyable performance than the rest.

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