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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Willow Smith to play Annie in Remake of 1982's Annie

Will Smith is certainly taking his family right up to his level of celebrity. Reports today confirmed that his daughter, Willow Smith, known for the hit single Whip My Hair, is going to be playing "Annie" in a remake of the 1982 film Annie which will be produced by acclaimed music producer, Jay-Z. This keeps with the Smith family trend of remaking popular 80's films, starting with last years Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son.  What do you think about this decision? Is it time for a remake of Annie? Is Willow right for the part? I haven't seen her acting ability yet, but I have listened to Whip My Hair. That was alright.

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JC Elizondo said...

Whip my Hair might have been just "ok" as a song but the music video was quite bad in all aspects.

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