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Monday, January 24, 2011


            Sometimes you do not need much to have a profound effect on people, and a great piece of fiction can come from some very unexpected origins. We started this “ad classics” as a manner of celebrating the work of great filmmakers working outside film itself, as well as a matter of proving that a great story, and characters, can be told in 30 seconds. I quote us when I say; “a commercial is a movie told in thirty seconds (sometimes up to two minutes); nowadays it feels some movies are commercials told in ninety minutes (sometimes even longer)”.

            Directed by Lance Acord, whose cinematography credits include Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, and Where the Wild Things Are, Volkswagen’s The Force became an unexpected hit when it had 13 million views before it even aired! That is the power of a good campaign. Afterwards it has become the most watched commercial ever! So my guess is that you have probably already watched it. If not here it is: 

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