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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes of: Rango

"Rango" is an upcoming movie by Gore Verbinski, who rose to fame directing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy. Now it seems, he has moved into animation, directing "Rango", which is due to theaters this March. Verbinski has not left his familiar territory completely though. Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy, both large parts of the 'Pirates' franchise have come along with him to this project as well. But, Verbinski is treading new ground as well, and that is in how the actors are being recorded for the film.

Normally, actors would be recorded in a sound booth one at a time, with out the other cast members present. Verbinski is doing something new though. He built sets and had full cast recordings on them, getting genuine cast and set interaction, as well as lots of good reference material for the animators. While this seems to be a fun thing to do, one can wonder if it will really add to the performance quality when the film comes out. Here (courtesy of Paramount) is a behind the scenes featurette of the recording process being used on "Rango". Enjoy. I for one am looking very forward to this movie.

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Anonymous said...

No thanks...

Anonymous said...

What is up with Joely Fisher's( Connie Stevens/Eddie Fishers daughter) and her fake British accent?

Is Deppism rubbing off on her? Lol.

Jim said...

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Entertainment Bay said...

I so want to see this movie. The Animation is awesome, and Johnny Depp is one good actors. I think it's gonna be amazing can't wait this animation film in 2011. Entertainment Bay

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