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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You know that little thingy in your brain that stops you from saying everything you are thinking about out loud? Well, not one character in this movie has that. This provides and interesting experiment in acting but unfortunately a terrible film comes along with it.
How Do You Know

A very bad film. I guess the premise was to present a woman with the option of either a man who is broke, disowned, a subject of a federal investigation, and unemployed but is charming caring and well intended or a man who is rich, athletic, famous, fun, but otherwise an asshole. Paul Rudd plays the nice guy; Owen Wilson plays the ass; Reese Witherspoon plays the girl. And Jack Nicholson plays the father of the first guy, who really has little business being in this movie besides providing a fourth name to put up in the poster and luring a larger audience to the theater. They are all experienced actors who bring in money with their names attached to any project so having them all four should be awesome for the studio, no? Well it would but it only works when they are given a good script to work with other wise you see them trying to keep you awake in the theater.
But that is one thing that separates this movie from... lets say Little Fockers; the actors are actually acting and trying their best to do good. My guess is there was more faith in this project and that it was harder to tell how bad it was going to be from the script. Paul Rudd in particular deserves a star in his forehead for "effort". Everyone else just does their usual thing although it is really fun to see Owen Wilson play an egotistical baseball player whose definition of monogamy means you only get to do it missionary style and wearing a condom with the other girls. He has a closet filled with pink tracksuits of all sizes so the girls don't have to walk back home in their clothes from the previous night; yet, he finds it difficult to makes space for his girlfriends clothes when she moves in. A movie entirely about this character would have been a pleasure to watch as a less ambitious screwball comedy. Everything else is fluff. Expensive fluff.

This film cost an estimated 120,000,000 united states dollars. That 120 million dollars. The Matrix was produced with half that budget; skyline with less than 10% of it. What the fuck were the producers thinking? Not even Valentine Day release rom-coms can make this back. Unless your name is James Cameron, Jerry Bruckheimer, or Michael Bay you movie should not cost above 10o million. If it is you are doing something wrong.

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