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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hey guys. We watch a lot of movies, but sometimes we don't get them all reviewed. Here's a 3-review post of the films we've failed to judge and notify you about.

True Grit
The story of a western girl who wants to avenge her fathers death, and the alcoholic marshal that accompanies her on the journey. A fantastic story in true Coen Brothers fashion, and while Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon do brilliant jobs, the real magic is found in Hailee Steinfeld, a girl who certainly deserves an Oscar this coming season. 4 stars

Dinner For Schmucks
Steve Carell plays an idiot who is invited to a dinner that makes fun of idiots. However, he and many of the other idiots border on being clinically insane. Carell is hilarious as usual with some amazing deliveries and sight gags, Paul Rudd plays the straight man, and Jemaine Clement is funny, sometimes bordering on creepy. Nothing terribly special, but a good watch if you're home with nothing to do. 3 stars

Machete is a Mexican. A Mexican with knives. And you do not want to get on his bad-side.  People do, and soon limbs are flying left and right. A hilarious film, brilliantly executed by director Robert Rodriguez, that had too much political preachyness and Lindsay Lonan, but not enough Cheech Marin. Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba have nice roles that if anything, prove they are still hot. 3 stars

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