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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Top Ten of '10 - Wilder's Picks

Hey internet,

Here's my list for the best films of 2010. I would like to quickly note that I haven't seen The Fighter, but I imagine it's not too different from every other great boxing movie. I will readily admit that Jose picked most of these, I've just re-ordered them, and added some that I hope Jose hasn't seen. And finally, haven't put True Grit on here simply because I don't think it belongs. It was really well made, and Jeff Bridges was fantastic. But it left me with nothing. The following ten left me with quite a bit.

10) Shutter Island

Read Jose's review here.

9) Hereafter

8) The Ghost Writer

7) The Town

Read my review here.

6) Black Swan

Read Jose's review here.

5) The King's Speech

4) Toy Story 3

Read my review here.

3) Inception

Read my review here.

2) The Social Network

Read my review here.


1) 127 Hours

Read my review here.

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