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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Year's Review: OUR TOP TEN OF 2010

So it's the time to see what last year brought us, now that we are recovering from those New Year party hangovers. Here is what we at the movie watch see as our favorites of 2010. It was a good year for movies I have to say:

10. Tangled - Fun and lighthearted. Is Disney back? Probably not in the glory of the 90s but this was certainly a worthy try. Lets hope they keep it up and keep improving.

Tangled (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
9. Shutter Island - Scorsese, DiCaprio, Schoonmaker, and Richardson. They really can't do anything bad. Although not as good as The Departed it was a great follow up. Can't wait to see what they collaborate on in the future.

Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]
8. The Town - Ben Afflect can't act for his life. But when Gone Baby Gone came out he proved he was paying attention to what was going on behind the scenes.. Now with The Town he proved he is growing up into an accomplished director.

The Town
7. The Way Back - Peter Weir's amazing saga of a group of gulag's escapees who walk all the way from Siberia to India. Watch out for this one it will steal awards while others are not watching.

The Way Back
6. How to Train Your Dragon - Disney might be reaching to be back. But the main battle in animation remains between Pixar and Dreamworks. How to Train Your Dragon was certainly the freshest of all animated movies this year.

How to Train Your Dragon (Single Disc Edition)
5. 127 Hours - Danny Boyle knows how to make crowd pleasing movies. Even ones where an human arm is sawed off to save a life. It is a talent.
127 Hours

4. Toy Story 3 - This might be us having grown up with Toy Story 1 and 2. But this movie still made us weep in fond memories. The fact that they were toys and not humans proves that Pixar's talent is not found everywhere.

Toy Story 3
3. The Social Network - It was called the movie that "brilliantly defines the decade". I disagree. It is a fun movie about smooth talking, rough playing, computer programers. Overall just the contemporary definition of 'cool'.
The Social Network (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]
2. Black Swan- I can't really express my love for this movie. Natalie Portman's performance is one of the best out there. And Aronfsky just takes us through a trip that rivals this year's best film.

Black Swan
1. Inception - A.K.A. Christopher Nolan's mind fuck. After 9 years in the writing Nolan proved that original screenplays can still make amazing summer blockbusters. This is a film that challenges everyone's intelligence, that brought back the open ending, and that was entertaining as action/adventure movie so it didn't scare away the masses. If anything it proves that the audiences are not as stupid as the major Hollywood people believe they are. It sad a film like this only comes about once every five to ten years.
Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]

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Nick Adams said...

I like that you give animated films a fair shake, even if my opinions on "Tangled" may be less positive than yours.

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