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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Movie Review: Street Fighter: The Ties That Bind

It's been hard, but I have pulled myself away from Street Fighter 4 for a little bit again to watch the movie that came with the above pictured "Collector's Edition". Not only did it come with the movie and the game, but it came with a soundtrack with updated themes and new themes of the characters, a miniature strategy guide, a Ryu figurine performing a Hadouken (or Crimson Viper) and a download code for a costume pack. These extras alone are worth the price of this game, but I will honestly say that the movie is definitely worth a watch.

This Street Fighter movie closely resembles the old anime series based on Street Fighter 2, but that's exactly what the fans wanted! Something related to the game starring the characters from the game acting like the characters from the game! Needless to say, The Ties That Bind is not an epic feature that everyone should see. If you are a fan of the Street Fighter series, then you will get, appreciate and and enjoy this movie. It shows the events between Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 4, but starts closer to the events of 4. It's a great lead-in for the game.

The movie starts with a huge explosion in the jungle in which Delta Red, the private military organization in which Cammy is a member of, begins their investigation. In another part of the world, we see Chun-Li and Guile investigating the reports of the greatest fighters in the world disappearing. In America we see that Ken is the head of a corporation and hasn't had much time to relax, train or even talk to his wife. We also see Ryu, who is still roaming the earth, trying to train himself to fight without giving into the temptation of using the murderous Satsui no Hadou that Akuma(Gouki) has been trying to get him to use.

Chun-Li, Guile and Cammy come together when they find out a new mysterious organization called S.I.N. is working on a project called BLECE or boiling liquid expanding cell explosion and need the power of Ryu's Satsui No Hadou in order to properly conduct experiments. Apparently Ryu's power is the only thing that can withstand the cell explosion, make it the perfect test subject. How do they find Ryu? Ken of course, but they find that a strange woman named Maya is watching him as well. Maya is an agent for S.I.N. that has been slowly befriending Kens wife Eliza in order to get to Ken to find Ryu.

We then see Ken at his house talking to his wife when some strange noises are heard from outside. Ken worries and investigates, but find that it's just Sakura coming to look for Ryu to make sure he's okay due to the recent rumors of fighter disappearances. 

That's all I'll say because I don't want to spoil the film and I actually want people to see it, unlike the one that came out in theatres. This is a movie for the fans. It's interesting, it sets up the game and the characters act like they should while doing the moves that they know. Also, the animation is beatiful and looks even better in a high-definition format. For any fan of the series who hasn't bought the game, buy the collectors edition. For any fan of the series that bought the regular version of the game, find someone who has the movie to watch it with. Even after a little bit of explaining, non-fans should enjoy it. Check this one out if you can!

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