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Monday, March 30, 2009

Review: SUGAR

If not for a "crazy random happenstance", I probably would not have seen this movie. However, I am very happy that I indeed did. It's simply great.

Sugar is the (fictional) story of Miguel "Sugar" Santos, a Dominican baseball player who comes to America with a dream of playing ball in the major leagues. However, he quickly discovers that playing in the minors is not the same as it was back home.

More than a sports film, Sugar is a great character piece about Miguel Santos. We see all he thinks about and cares about more than what he physically does. Also, it is a welcome change to the clich├ęs of most sports movies that come out.

I strongly recommend this film to anyone who can find it playing (as of now, it is only being shown in LA and New York) and if you are a ball player, I'm sure you would enjoy this film at a whole other level. I can see this film doing well with the academy this year.

Sugar hits theaters April 3rd. Be there.

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