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Friday, March 13, 2009

Indie-Darling High School President Gets Assassinated from Theaters

Following the distributor, Yari Film Group's bankruptcy the film Assassination of a High School President may not get a true theatric run but rather a release direct-to-DVD. While I can't directly speak on the quality of the film, as I haven't seen it the reviews and buzz from critics and bloggers alike have been overwhelmingly positive and there's no reason this film does not deserve to see the proper light of day when rubbish like Miss March is released every week (sorry Ezra).

So what's a film geek to do? Become a fan of the film on Facebook and add the title to your Netflix queue. Pass the word along on your blog, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever to let the studio know your interested. Also check out the teaser trailer below.

source: SlashFilm
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