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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wilder's Oscars Report

Was it just me, or was anybody else rather disappointed in the Oscars last night? Well, I was. Here is a simple list of things I didn't like about it.

1) You need a comedian to host.
Don't get me wrong, Hugh Jackman did a good job with what he had, but I personally did not want to see him sing and dance at a show honoring cinema. The bests hosts I've seen have been funny. Though I was never lucky enough to see people like Bob Hope host in my lifetime, I still have the fondest memories of people like Chris Rock and Jon Stewart. I'm surprised Tina Fey has not been asked to host yet - I would really love to see that.

2) Slumdog Millionaire did not deserve 8 wins.
A very well-done, captivating movie yes, but not 8-time Oscar winning material. Of course there are categories that it won that I do understand (Best Original Song, and maybe even Best Sound). But I feel like certain films were totally shafted. I feel like The Dark Knight deserved a couple things that Slumdog won. The same goes for Ben Button. Poor Alexandre Desplat was COSMICALLY shafted for best score, and the fact that The Dark Knight did not win editing blows my mind. Slumdog Millionaire is a decent movie, but I definitely don't think it deserved Best Picture and Best Director. Both of those, to me, belonged to Mr. Button.

3) A lot of things simply did not deserve the awards they won.
Of course, I understand how I might sound hypocritical since I have not seen Milk. But I did see Brad Pitt, Frank Langella, and Mickey Rourke. Not to mention I have a serious problem with Sean Penn as a person. Do some research research into his reaction to Team America, and you will see why. He did not deserve Best Actor. Presto was also shafted. How that did not win Best Animated Short is beyond me. The film that did win looked like the ugliest animation I've ever seen. Ew. And, upon further reflection, I really thought that Bolt was better than WALL-E. Of course I'm not surprised that Pixar won. But I think the award was for Pixar's studio, not its newest film. Read my Bolt review, and you'll see how in love with that film I am.

4) There was nothing special about it!
Usually the Oscars have some sort of cool or original thing about them, but not this year. Judd Apatow's short was mildly entertaining, but that was it. The part where they recognized the actors that died this year was alright, but they didn't mention a few names I was waiting for, particularly Don LaFontaine.

I hope next year the show will be more fun.

Oh, hey, how perfect:
2 stars


Ezra Edmond said...

for the record the animated short that won was very very good. Albeit I would not watch it again, still it was a great movie and the animation was damn sexy. Don't judge 'em unless you watch em, at least not on their ability to be great.

Wilder Shaw said...

I want to see the one about the hearse that got crushed, that one looked really funny.

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