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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Regarding Coraline

Hello The Internet.

So I finally saw Coraline, but after some thought, Ezra's review is far too generous. I left the theater completely unimpressed. The following is a bit of a counter-review.

Ok, yes, Coraline does have some of the best, if not the best stop-motion I have ever seen. Coraline's hair, though it may sound strange to note, was really well done. As a person who has produced stop-motion films before, I can appreciate the amount of work that went into creating this movie.

However, just because the movie is beautiful to look at DOES NOT mean it is a good movie. I think Transformers was evidence of this. There HAS to be something more. The storyline must keep up with the visuals.

Coraline doesn't have this. The story is very, very poor. Almost nothing is explained - at all. Things need explanation. Now, I have heard that Neil Gaiman's novel, off of which the film is based, also doesn't explain much, and that this is typical of his novels. However, I saw Stardust, and they did a great job of making everything very clear and precise. Coraline's story is so poor that it makes me want to distance myself from everything that happens.

Beyond the shoddy story, the characters are extremely unlikeable. I liked Mr. Bobinsky, but that was it. The two old women were not funny - just annoying. Coraline herself is not very likable either. Though I do feel bad for because she has the two worst parents ever, there's nothing about her I can relate to. Who knows, maybe this is because I love my parents. I also didn't like the movement of most of the characters - they were too lanky and cartoony.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! There's even more things about this film that I didn't like. There seems to be two conflicting things going on in Coraline. For one, it seems like Selick wanted this movie to appeal to little kids, and he made it a little "kiddie". This is fine, don't get me wrong. Little kids deserve movies just as much as anyone else. However, about halfway through, like Ezra said, the movie becomes very dark, and frankly, very creepy. There's one moment in particular that made me shiver as would any horror film. You simply can't have these two conflicting ideas in one film, let alone an animated one.

Sorry Ezra, but this incredibly mediocre movie does not deserve a 4. No not at all. In fact, I think I'll slap this with what it deserves, in a big, new, TMW design:

2 stars

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