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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ezra's Opinion of the Oscars

Okay, The 81st Oscars came and went. And I've gotta say, I don't agree with all the choices made by the academy and the voters. I'll list my complaints in the order that they happened. If you don't agree I'll be happy to hear why you don't. If you do, alright we're on the same page. Either way this is all my own opinion.

Red Carpet - Didn't watch. I do not give a damn what people are wearing unless I am actually talking to them. More power to you if you got a dress that cost you 100,000$$. How-a-bout wearing something else you own and donating that money to one of those genocides we've got going on.

Opening Number - I had to refrain from calling it an opening song because... it does not deserve to be called one. It was literally one of the worst medleys I have ever heard. Anne Hathaway was a funny touch though. Also... was it just me or was the audience awkwardly close to the stage this year. Also, why did Jackman call out random names that were sitting next to him. Also why did he reference he was Wolverine? Also.... where did he go halfway through the show.... so much for an active host.

Best Makeup: Ben Button? No. No. No. Sure it's amazing, but its primarily CGI - hence the best Vis FX award. If anything had astounding makeup this year it was HELLBOY 2. Tell me that that is poorly done make up. Mike Elizade - you win in my book.

Best Supporting Actress: Heath Ledger should not have won. NOW - before you behead me or stick a pencil in my brain or something let me explain my reasoning behind this. Heath Ledger was an amazing actor and certainly deserved an award. a LIFETIME achievement award. Not an Oscar. An Oscar ups the wages of a current living actor, who will get better jobs, and more respect now, as well as he can be happy and feel good about winning an award. Robert Doweny Jr could have got this. It would have been good for dividing race lines. Heath Ledger - no. A life time achievement award given to his family would have been the best thing to do, because then it caps it off as the best life and life award ever. IT would have been a very prestigious event.

Jessica Biel presenting about Ed Catmull WAS SO WIERD. It would have been nice if she had actually said something about him in that tribute....

Judd Apatow's Movie .... essentially a Pineapple Express sequel was a little weird and out of place, but it was still pretty funny. If the DVD was not out yet, it would be fun to have as a special feature.

Best Sound and Sound Editing should have both gone to WALL-E. No debate there. The sound design was amazing in the film, and totally generated. Need I say More? WaaaaaaAAAAALLLlllEEEEIIEE.

Best Editing should have been Dark Knight because the editing kept that movie going in ways that kept it fast paced, fun, and exciting at every point in the film.

A side note... Congrats to all the new Slumdog Millionaire's. They made a great film which I have not yet got around to seeing yet. But I will. Promise. Still, I think it kind of sucks when a film sweeps 8 categories because so many other films deserved awards for other categories. It would have been nice to see a bit more diversity. I'll bet they had one hell of a party afterwards. Congrats Slumdog.

What was the best about the night:

Ben Stiller

The cast and crew of MILK using the 45 second speech slot to get out some very good messages on life and morality

The Jerry Lewis Tribute

Beyonce is a damn good singer and way over powered the rest during that musical number...

Well... that's just what I think about the 81st Academy Awards. What's your opinion on the event?

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