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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Watch For Watchmen

Graphic novel fans everywhere, rejoice! For today, is a happy day.

Watchmen is back on board for a March 6th, 2009 release. After months (well, years really) of controversy that has left nerds across the world depressed and miserable, the endless sea of confusion regarding the release is finally (hopefully!) over. The settlement was quietly reached on January 15th and the news has been slowly spreading throughout the blogosphere since. It has however come to my attention that most people are actually unaware of this development, so I am happy to further enlighten fans.

Before December of 2008, Watchmen may have been the most anticipated film of 2009. Then, as usual, Fox found a way to screw it up. This time they opted to sue Warner Brothers over the release rights, claiming that Warner Bros violated ownership. Depending on who you believe, either Warner Bros screwed Fox over or Fox punted on the film and Warner Bros picked it up. In the end however, all that matters is that the film's release was delayed pending a settlement.

It turns out though, that Fox actually had passed on the current project and Warner Bros therefore picked it up. Fox executives even went so far as to say that the script was "one of the most unintelligible pieces of shit" they had ever seen. High five Twentieth Century, remind me to review your next film accordingly.

I would like to call shenanigans in regards to Fox and Warner Bros "acknowledging that each acted in good faith in their respective claims." In this situation it feels that Fox is almost entirely at fault for any confusion or controversy, and to give them stake in the gross is, well, gross. Fox has a history of bullying and sneaking around the industry and playing dirty when they screw something up. This certainly feels like one of those times.

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