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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Upcoming Film: Observe and Report

Maybe you saw 'The Foot Fist Way' - maybe you didn't. You probably didn't. Regardless, the writer and director of the film that made Danny Mcbride a household name is at it again. This movie is called 'Observe and Report' and its pretty much about an ass of a Mall Cop (Seth Rogen) and the girl he falls for (Anna Faris), all the while protecting his mall from a flasher.

The trailer is damn crude, and Rogen's character looks damn unlikeable. In fact, I personally think the whole movie looks unlikeable. Jody Hill (The Director) seems to have a way of writing nasty leading roles, that literally nobody can feel for or identify with.

Really, I'm not expecting a classic.

Here's the green-band trailer. (That means its safe for you to watch in class or in your cubicle).

1 comment:

Wilder Shaw said...

At least in Observe and Report, Danny McBride is still funny enough to like. And he has his humanistic moments. This movie just looks mean.

Gonna be the same problem as with Step Brothers.

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