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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YouTube Pick of the Week: After Judgment

Hello Internets.

There is a fantastic webseries out right now called After Judgment. As one can tell from the title, it takes place after the fabled judgment day. Referred to as "The Day" by the remaining few who were left in Los Angeles, those who knew where to go to be saved, went and now L.A. is left in perpetual twilight. (For Kingdom Hearts fans, a real life Twilight Town)

One of the best things about this series is that it doesn't tell you everything upfront. You get to think about the possibilities of what could happen and what has happened. The main character is a man named Steven who's little boy left him on the day. Other characters slowly come out of the wood work and form a rag tag team to search for a child that has mysteriously appeared.

The show is written and directed by Michael Davies, who I first saw on Tiki Bar TV.  He plays "The Neighbor", Steven's neighbor.

Before I show the preview, I want to mention that there is a supplemental series called Before Judgment that shows what some of the characters were like before "The Day". These videos, including video diaries from The Neighbor, help answer some questions as well as raise new ones.

So here a preview of After Judgment -

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