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Saturday, February 7, 2009


If I could roar like a Wookie, I would. This movie made me that happy.

Fanboys, for those of you who aren't in the know, is the long awaited movie from Kyle Newman about a group of friends throwing caution to the galaxy and breaking into the Skywalker Ranch to watch Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace early. With such a premise, this movie could only have one outcome: awesome.

Eric (Sam Huntington aka Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns), Linus (an EXCELLENT Chris Marquette), Hutch (Dan Fogler) and Windows (Jay Baruchel), a group of complete Starwars fanatics, have drifted apart after graduating high school. Eric has decided to throw his dream of being a comic artist away and gone to work for his father, the owner of a massive chain of car dealerships. On Halloween of 1998, he shows up at a party being thrown by old classmates and runs into Hutch, Windows and Linus (who was his closest friend back in the day). After a fight between a hurt Linus who feels Eric abandoned him and their dreams, and a frustrated Eric who feels that the other three are losers with no future (which is hilarious as it is taking place simultaneously with a debate over whether Luke had a thing for Leia) it feels that the group is destined to remain split. The next morning though, Eric is informed by Hutch and Windows that Linus has cancer, prompting Eric to put his future aside to reunite with his buddies and fulfill their lifelong dream to see Episode I before anyone else, and perhaps give Linus something to live for.

Leaving their dull Ohio town behind, they set off to "become immortalized by nerds the galaxy over" in Hutch's baby - an old chevy van that bears striking similarities to the Millennium Falcon (thats all I'm saying). With Eric standing in as Luke, Hutch as Han, Windows as C3PO (or C3Penisface depending on who you talk to) Zoey (Kristin Bell) as Leia and Linus as R2D2 (for reasons of censorship I won't repeat his nickname here) things get out of control. Along the way they start an intercontinental war with Trekies, piss off the editor of Ain't It Cool News, run into trouble with the law, make the jump to light speed and break out of a hospital (and use a grappling hook!). I promise that you will find yourself laughing the entire time.

Where the real magic of this movie lies though, is in how it appeals to the hearts of every nerd on Earth. You literally cannot watch this movie without enjoyment if you get tears in your eyes to even dream of wearing the REAL Indiana Jones hat, or if you always wanted to go to a drive thru wearing a stormtrooper helmet, or if you are possessed with uncontrollable rage when someone insults Han Solo (I am guilty of all of these). The cameos definetly add to the movie too. I have never seen a film packed with so many figures of pop culture - Danny Trejo, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Smith and Billy De Williams to name a few. The cameo that takes the cake though is without a doubt William Shatner. Yes, you read that right - William Shatner is in a Star Wars movie, and he is awesome. A bit... scruffy you might say.

Unfortunately, I have seen first hand how this movie can totally miss a beat with people who have never seen a Star Wars before. If you haven't seen one, then you can't enjoy this. But then again, why would you want to see a movie about Star Wars if you haven't seen Star Wars? In fact, how can you enjoy life at all if you haven't seen Star Wars?

The only true complaint I can register about this movie at all, is that Seth Rogen plays two roles and that almost ruin him. This particular aspect of the movie actually touches a vein with me personally, as I feel like Seth is slipping lower and lower the more famous he gets. Fanboys was filmed several years ago and its obvious that Rogen's first role (and far better one) was filmed back then, before he was truly a superstar. Its a pity that Kyle Newman opted to add him in again towards the end. Not only is his second character an enormous prick, he ends up in the same scene with Admiral Seasholtz (Seth's first part) which makes the whole sequence weird and extremely UNfunny. I've been really feeling less and less enamored with Seth since Pineapple Express, where I think he turned in the poorest and least entertaining performance of his career and this second role put me off of him even more.

Apart from that small hiccup though, Fanboys delivers on everything that it promised and more. I throughly enjoyed it and I strongly urge all you fanboys out there to see it yourself. It's literally your dreams come true.


Wilder Shaw said...

Ray Park = best cameo.

Wilder Shaw said...

I'm also glad that America has finally woken up and realized that comedies need something more than to just be funny. It needs that second layer. Fanboys delivered on that, thank god.

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