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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YouTube Pick of the Week

Hey all!

We have started a new feature here where every Wednesday, we will pick one video we come across on YouTube and talk about it. we're obviously not going to be talking about viral videos like The Dramatic Rodent or the video of the baby who laughs like an adult, though, don't get us wrong, those are great.

We will be picking one video that we think show substantial filmmaking. Whether it is just a great piece of sketch comedy, a poetic film, or just something that is executed very well, I will posting it here. People tend to forget that YouTube exists for more things than just videos of guys falling onto rakes. Great things can be found if you look hard enough. Unfortunately most of these videos don't get the exposure they deserve, and I hope I can help to change that.

This week's video is a music video for The Beatles' "Help!". I found this while browsing through someone's favorites, and the thumbnail caught my eye.

This video is awesome. Clearly a group of guys got together, and planned this out perfectly. The whole thing is only three or four shots, and the amount of precision and hard work that are present here is astounding.

Maybe the acting is not the greatest in the world, but I can't get over how well is planned out. Long takes are great to watch, especially when they are executed so well. And finally, the last shot of the movie shows you what the song is about, and everything comes together beautifully.

Well done, guys.

1 comment:

LaurenAnn said...

Impressively executed, that's for sure. It's hard to find stuff like this on youtube, what with all the fart videos, which is why I usually turn vimeo for quality user generated content. Actually reminds me a lot of this vid I found a while back

The song's in tagalog, but it's the same general idea.

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