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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quantum of Solace... Not the Greatest?

It seems that Quantum of Solace, after a couple of pre-screening reviews, is not as good as Casino Royale.

I remember when Casino Royale came out, seemingly so long ago. I remember talking to a friend of mine about it. The trailer didn't really catch my interest, but I have always been a big Bond fan, so I naturally wanted to see it. My friend asked, "You gonna see the new Bond? It's probably just a big explosion and hot-girl fest."

"You don't see a James Bond movie for the character development, Alex," I responded, jokingly.

Then I saw Casino Royale - and all I thought was how wrong I was. Never before had it been attempted to make Bond look like anything more than a kickass, suave, and intelligent secret agent. But there he was in Casino Royale, a real character with real character flaws. We had a whole new look at someone we all thought we knew so well. When Casino Royale ended, all I could think of was how interesting it was that they developed James Bond as more than a killing machine.

Naturally, it would be hard to live up to something like this.

Maybe the early reviews are on to something. Maybe not. And it has to be clear by now that I will be the one reviewing Quantum of Solace when it comes out.

But I promise to review it fairly. Even though I believe it will be the greatest thing ever to happen to Earth since the birth of Rachel McAdams, I will try to give my opinion of Bond's next adventure with all the honesty I can muster.


Chris Cookson said...

you may want to use a different image than the SlashFilm story on the same subject...

Wilder Shaw said...

Aight, changed.

Ezra Edmond said...

I am very interested to see what happens. I love the Brosnan Bond films, and I wonder if they will ever go back to the good ole cheesy but love able formula.

Wilder Shaw said...


Brosnan was the worst! He had the best lines though.

"It's over, Bond. Time for you to face reality."
*Knocks him out a window*

"And it's time for you to face gravity."

Ezra Edmond said...

"Hello I'm Bond, James Bond."

"My name is Mr. Kill."

"Well thats a name to die for."

I think Brosnan had the best sense of bond and the look. Also, the movies got a perfect quirk to them when he did them. Just silly and fun with good action as I think Bond should be. But those were the 90's

TheAnonymousOne said...

Hot girl is a two word phrase, not a hyphenate. Though kick ass is sometimes used as a hyphenate but usually is simply two separate words. Unfortunately 'maybe not' is an incomplete thought and therefore never a whole sentence. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. So please proof before your publish.

Jesse said...

Anonymous, if you're going to post insulting the syntax and grammar of others you may want to get your own in order first. Your posts are riddled with mistakes and make your gibes look childish and of little significance. Read over some of your posts and you will I hope, see what I mean. Please proof before you publish. Although to be honest what you are doing is probably not worth doing in the first place and so perhaps you can before forgiven for doing an absolutely abysmal job.

"So please proof before YOUR publish" -Theanonymousone.

I think you meant please proof before YOU publish. This is just one of the myriad mistakes you have made.

As a speaker of the english language I would appreciate it if you wouldn't add insult to injury by butchering it.

TheAnonymousOne said...

Touche Jesse. We are all imperfect creatures, yet not all of us choose to start a movie blog. If you create a critical website about something and try to pass yourselves off as a collective opinion to be listened to; why not make it as good as you possibly can? And sorry Jesse, but English is capitalized.

Aviator Superbat said...

I like pie.

Also, I still haven't seen Casino Royale.

Lucy said...

Haven't seen the film yet but lots of people is more Jason Bourne than James Bond

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