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Monday, October 6, 2008


Don't let this picture fool you; Michael Cera is not this happy in the movie. He smiles about three times, and it never lasts very long.

His character is so monotone and sad the whole movie that is impossible to establish a likeable main character. Not to say Cera didn't do a great job with what he had.

Here's what I make of this movie: Hollywood decided they wanted to make a film that looks independent. It's as simple as that. And because of this incredible paradox, it is nowhere near as good as it would have been... if it was independent.

Why it's called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, I have no idea. They both like music, but that seems to be the only clue.

Nick (Michael Cera) and Tris (Alexis Dziena) just broke up (what Nick saw in Tris in the first place is beyond me, as she just might be the worst person in the world). Nick is upset. As I said, he never really cracks a smile until the end of the movie. He meets a girl named Norah (Kat Dennings) one night at a show his band is playing. They hit it off, and the rest of the movie is about Nick learning to forget about Tris, and learning to love Norah. And it's not hard to love Norah - Kat Dennings totally steals the show here. She is really good, really real, and really funny. It makes her so much more likeable than Nick, to the point where you wish the movie was about her.

Imagine if Forgetting Sarah Marshall was set in New Jersey, with high school seniors. That's what this movie is.

Oh, and not nearly as good.

Not to say it was the worst movie I've ever seen. It has moments where I was laughing, and Ari Graynor's performance is truly fantastic, but with Michael Cera's newfound stamp of credibility, I thought this would be Juno quality.
2 stars


Catherine. said...

well i must say this is a bit discouraging, i am a big fan of Ceras and its seems like he didnt quite deliver... dont get me wrong, i will definitely still see it, but maybe not until it comes out on video. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

so it's like Forgetting Sarah Marshall??? doe michael cera do full frontal?!?!

Ezra Edmond said...

hahaha, I'm sure that if they could have that in a movie they would. However, I imagine Michael Cera being even more awkward when naked, so it may be a little too ridiculous.

I hate when studio''s try to pull the 'indy' movie thing, because they don't understand that if Indy film directors had real money they would make better movies. I think they should have just gone out to make the best film possible and not try to conform to what the fans want to see- because if they make something better then fans will love it.

The only thing that is independent in this film is the title - because it is not tied at all to the rest of the movie.

Let's make a movie where Michael Cera and Seth Rogen play brothers who get into all sorts of crazy situations trying to get back Rogen's ex-girlfriend.

Wilder Shaw said...

Also, Jay Baruchel plays an a$$hole.

I never want to see adorable Steven Karp be mean, ever.

Mark Donica said...

I will find this movie at my nearest internet movie house!

and pay for it...and things....

sounds promising!

*note The Movie Watch does not condone downloading movies. PLEASE SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! Even in this "depressing" (aaaaah) time.

Ezra Edmond said...

is that a joke?

Lily G. said...

In its defense, I think this movie is really really good if you've read the book. Now, i know that is not a great review for someone who hasn't read it, but, tough cookies. read the book first! the book is always better, and the movie will end up being exactly what it should be: a good companion. Also, as far as actors, Micheal Cera is pretty good at creating Nick as I saw him, but Kat Dennings and all the gay friends are absolutely perfect.

I liked the movie, and I'm not saying the rest of you had to like it also, but i think it is important to realize that reading the book makes a huge difference.

Wilder Shaw said...

Yes madame, but remember: this is the movie, and it should work on its own.

lily g. said...

eh, i guess, but i think it works on it's own, too.

bottom line, i liked it, lol

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