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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, I know I am bound to get lots of hateful comments and emails from my readers on this one. But here we go.

I... uh... yeah. I loved this movie. I did. I took a glance at its rating on IMDb. Not good. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 44 %.

I walked into the theater ready to hate it. The trailers made it look like trash. I never really had any feelings toward Josh Zuckerman. I do happen to like Clark Duke. The third most important actress, Amanda Crew, in the movie is not even in one frame of the trailer.

All the negative reviews for this movie should be applied to the trailer. Trailer Trash.

The movie, on the other hand, is great. It's really funny, and it's filled from start to finish with heart - something I expected to be vacant completely.

Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is an 18 year-old guy who works at a donut shop in the mall, and has never had a girlfriend. He has two best friends: Felicia (Amanda Crew) a very pretty young lady, and Lance (Clark Duke). Lance is the smoothest, richest guy in school. He's also a giant misogynist. Despite it all, he's a good guy, and a good friend to Ian.

There's nothing really wrong with Ian. He's a bit geeky, and bit timid, but he's a good guy. And the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend seems to follow him everywhere. Beautiful women roam the mall, his coworker romps around with his 14 year-old brother, and his older brother (James Marsden) gives him grief all day long.

All the while, Ian spends his nights talking to a girl online. Since his picture is a photoshopped version of a muscular weight-lifter, this beautiful young girl is eager to meet him. She ultimately prompts him to take the nine hour drive over to see her in Knoxville. Ian is finally faced with the chance to lose his virginity, and to prove to the world he is not such a loser. However, there is a problem: he is a loser. He doesn't look anything like the picture, and he doesn't have a car.

But his brother does. A gorgeous 1969 Pontiac Judge. And along with the persuasion of Lance, Ian decides to roadtrip down to Tenessee along with Felicia and Lance. The rest of the movie is a great ride, filled with lots of heart, and lots of laughs.

The reason this movie works so well is the performances. Zuckerman doesn't say one line as though he is acting. Same with Duke and Crew. They all play their characters so well that every single line flows nicely. And most of the cameos have big laughs as well, especially Seth Green as an Amish man.

And there's heart all over the place. Ian grows as a person, Lance grows as a person, and so does Felicia. The movie finally questions whether or not it is true that you have to be a big jerk to get girls to like you. What about the nice guy? It was refreshing to see him win out for once.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but see this movie. You will be pleasantly surprised. It's one of those rare movies where I enjoyed every single scene. By the end, you feel just like a Judge; juiced up and ready for more.

4 stars


Chris Cookson said...
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Chris Cookson said...

a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes is not completely horrible. The film received praise from more the the "lively" critics including quite a nice review from Ain't it Cool News.

TheAnonymousOne said...

Pointing out all of the errors in this review would take more time than it took you to write this simplistic piece. The corrections would also be longer and possibly more entertaining than your review. Complete sentences are not an unattainable goal. Nor are incomplete sentences a characteristic that an author should be aiming for.

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