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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Let me address your either vocal or mental, "No he didn't!" with a very real, yes. Yes I did.

Now don't get me wrong, everything leading up to this movie led it to look like a crappy Disney knockoff.

It wasn't. In fact, this film was more than just watchable, I actually enjoyed it. The music and the voice acting definitely helped with the sometimes hokey jokes. Tink has never talked before, so giving her a voice in general seems like a bad idea, but for you Avatar fans out there, it actually works for this film. Mae Whitman, voice of Katara in Avatar, voices Tinker Bell in the movie. Her fairy friends are played by familiar faces as Raven Simone voices Iridessa the light fairy, America Ferrera voices Fawn the animal fairy, Lucy Lui voices Silvermist the water fairy and Kristen Chenowith voices Rosetta the garden fairy. Each fairy has their own quirk that will probably be expanded upon further in the rest of the Disney Fairies series, and it doesn't look like they'll be uninteresting. Rob Paulsen of Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, etc. voices a fellow tinker named Bobble who is one of the fairies that Tink first becomes friends with. Anjelica Huston, Madame Morticia Adams, plays the Queen of all the fairies, whose entrance is very beautiful and showy, but not condescending in any way, it's just right.

The story was essentially a Tinker Bell finding her place in Fairy Glen and realizing that using what you have been given is more important than trying to be something you're not. There is a good character arc with Tink and even an appearance by someone from the main story at the end. It's pretty fast paced, clocking in at a whopping seventy minute running time, they had to get a lot in quick. The 3D animation in this film is very soft and fantastical, just what one would expect from a film about fairies. Disney definitely put a good chunk of time, money and effort into this film and it really shows. If more of Disney's direct-to-DVD offerings had calibur like this, they wouldn't be as kicked down as they have been.

The score was written by Joel McNeely, who has done other Disney films like Mulan II and Return to Neverland, but this score is possibly one of my favorites of any Disney Film. McNeely found a violinist named Mairead Nesbitt to play a classically styled, yet strong Celtic piece after seeing her on PBS (Thanks to viewers like you). In a word, beautiful. It portrays a sense of wonder and curiosity that one should have in a movie about self discovery. It did it's job of keeping me in the movie at points where I may or may not have cared less. If a CD of the score exists, I will buy it and won't be ashamed of it.

Overall, this film succeeds in furthering the amazement with Tinkerbell. With a new meet and greet coming to Disneyland and more, the folks down in Burbank are going to milk this thing for all they got. With that in mind, and despite John Lassetter's intervention, I actually want them to make a direct sequel to this movie. Now that we know how she came to be, a lot of questions start popping up. How did she lose her voice? How did she meet Peter? Anyway, I suggest finding a little cousin or sister that has this movie to give you a reason to watch it.
3 stars


Wilder Shaw said...

Hmm.... maybe I'll check it out.

Also, Jerry Goldsmith did Mulan.

Chris Cookson said...

now I feel better for not completely hating Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Ezra Edmond said...

Oh yeah, Jerry Goldsmith is pretty awesome. I still don't know if I can accept the idea of Tinkerbell talking though...

Visually, from what I have seen, the film looks absolutely amazing, though.

TheAnonymousOne said...
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TheAnonymousOne said...

Oh you boys really need to attend a group writing seminar or enlist the help of a copy editor. How can something be a Disney knock off (two words) if it is made by Disney? You have two sentence fragments, ('It wasn't' and 'In a word, beautiful') though you also have run-on sentences. The story was essentially about Tinker Bell not 'a Tinker Bell.' As well the score was one of your favorites (one of your favorite means you only have one, making it kind of redundant) plurals can be tricky. It was a good review and well researched but where did all of this knowledge come from? Also, a formatting question; why is this the only post that is centered?

Wilder Shaw said...

1) He means it is a Disney spin off.

2) FOR THE LAST TIME, we are aware that we use fragments. WE KNOW. It's our style. If you continue to think that we are making mistakes about this, it is only a reflection of your memory capacity. I hope to one day live in a world where someone can knowingly use a fragment without the fear of some irate English teacher who feels personally insulted and compelled to insult others about it.

3) People can have more than one favorite. They can. Move on.

4) What knowledge are you talking about? His facts about the movie. Some people read the credits, and retain what they say.

5) All of Mark's posts are centered. All of them.

Mark Donica said...

It would have made the review longer if I posted a summary, but a didn't.

When she first arrives in Fairy Glen, she gets classified as a tinker. The Queen of the Fairies dubs her "Tinker Bell" so one can argue that it is about "a" Tinker Bell because their may be more than one eventually or previously.

aaaaaaaaaand what Wilder said.

Patrick Lundberg said...

Anonymous one go read my reply to you on my MAX PAYNE review.

Aaaaaannndddd what Wilder and Mark said.

Ezra Edmond said...

Okay ' theanonymousone', your behavior here is unacceptable and unappreciated. I have warned you before that our comment boards are simply for people to talk about the movies -NOT our way of reviewing them.

Understand this. Start treating this blog with respect or stop coming. If you continue this almost abusive behavior you have been showing on previous posts, I will ban you. If you make a new user name - I will ban you. I'm done tolerating this. Lets pretend you were thoughtful and once in a while saw an error and corrected it or made a suggestion. That would be welcome. We are all human and need to learn sometimes.

How about instead of degrading this blog every night at 2am - you turn off your computer - get some sleep - and if you do have insomnia - get a newspaper- comb it for errors - then circle all of them with a big red marker and paste them to your wall.

I appreciate that you read all of the posts, but It's time for you to learn some courtesy.

Is this clear?

Anonymous said...


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