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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


      Love him or hate him, Michael Bay is an icon of popular culture today (I am not saying this is a good him). He is the father of Bayhem (cinematic explosions occurring at sunset) and the current master of anti-plot; a position once held by directors like Vera Chytilová (her film Daisies is basically the female precursor of Transformers ROTF). Bay began his career in advertising, and with the amount of product placement in his movies one would assume he hasn’t quite left the past behind. In short these two commercials pretty much define his aesthetic taste and the reach of his ego. It seems fitting to show them now with all the talk on Transformers 3 (which I refuse to spend money on). You were probably expecting his Victoria Secret commercial, but it has been a bit over-watched by now. Maybe in a few years when Transformers 4 comes out. 

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