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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where in the World will Hangover Part III be set?

            It was no surprised last Monday when Warner Bros. announced that the Hangover Part III was given the green light after the Hangover Part II broke all types of box office records, including the biggest opening for a comedy and an R-rate film, when it grossed $205 million in just five days. As of now, Craig Mazin, who co-wrote Part II but was not involved in the first installment, is the only one to have begun working on the film. The stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galafanianakis, as well as director Todd Phillips had only signed up for one sequel, so it is still unknown if they will return.

            Although I was not a fan of the first one, and I am certainly not defending the second one as having any redeemable qualities, the news did send me speculating over what city they will use for the third movie. After Vegas, and Bangkok it is hard to see what Sin City can cause more damage to the Wolf Pack. These are some of the most likely candidates:

            Amsterdam: perhaps the most likely candidate. And popular consensus amongst the cast, who has already begun to talk about it, seems to be that this will be the case. But despite the Amsterdam’s notoriety for the legality of weed and prostitution there, anyone who has been there can tell you that it is a relatively quiet little town.  Plus is it really sinning when it is legal?

            Barcelona: If we are talking about partying in Europe there is probably no better candidate than this 24-hour city. This is perhaps the only place in the world I would believe the Wolf Pack could go 72 hours without sleeping. There is also the likelihood of them accidentally starting a bull run in the middle of their party. However, like in Amsterdam, there is a problem of scale. I can believe that in Vegas a hotel suite can be wrecked without anyone noticing and Bangkok can eat you alive; Barcelona not as much.

            Mykonos & the Greek Islands: Less well known than Amsterdam or Barcelona but Mykonos is the party island by excellence. There is again a problem of scale; Mykonos is a tiny town much smaller than the other two European contestants. But this can easily be fixed by adding the rest of the islands making the adventure much bigger in scale.

            New York: Closer to home, and a much more believable place where the Pack can loose somebody and not find him for 24 hours + than Amsterdam. But although New York is a Sin City, it is not known as a party city, at least not one where visitors loose their memories in. So I will rule it out as a candidate.

            Cancun: Also much closer to home, and a well established party town. There is also a huge jungle around it and miles of beach where the party can extend. However Galifianakis is probability not allowed within 100 feet of a college girl. So Cancun is for the most part ruled out.

            Panama City: Not many people know about this but Panama being a free port enjoys a lot of the same luxury legalities that Amsterdam has. It is a well-kept secret party town of international trade. It would be a likely candidate if you consider Mr. Chow’s (Ken Jeong) criminal career and how much are his life and the Wolf Pack’s intertwined. But due to its obscure nature its candidature is once again unlikely.

            Rio de Janeiro: This city has all the party qualities of all of the above, with the exception of the legality of weed and prostitution, and very few of their weaknesses. If Vegas is the city I can believe a whole suite ends up upside down without anyone noticing Rio is the one place that can be completely destroyed without anyone taking particular notice. Hell, they do it once a year during the Carnival and the city still stands. The city is not only a jungle, but it is within a jungle. I’d give my vote to Rio as the place the Wolf Pack should be lost next. The only downside to it, is that it might be too similar to Bangkok in many way. 

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Nick Adams said...

I think the third one needs to be a gritty conclusion to the trilogy...or, dare I say, decalogy.

Maybe they just have a crazy night at home and re-discover the world around their everyday lives; perhaps even grasp at a greater understanding.

Alternatively, they could just smash together the last two films and call it a third movie.

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