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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Mr. Blomkamp made his feature debut two summers ago with his fantastically original and pseudo-realistically District 9, which was based on his short film, Alive in Joburg. The film was a brilliant mesh that was very well crafted for sci-fi fans, and political junkies to enjoy. It is no surprise then that the South African director was commissioned to do a live action trailer for the release of Halo 3. The mythical Halo live action movie has been in development hell since the release of the first game. Peter Jackson, who produced District 9, was at some point attached to the project. There really couldn’t be a better pair to tackle down the Halo franchise. However, with Jackson busy working on The Hobbit and Blomkamp directing Elysium any chance of them working on a Halo movie anytime soon is unlikely.  For the meantime enjoy Halo Landfall:

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