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Monday, September 29, 2008

Marvel's Thor to have a Classical feel?

Breaking News!

For those of you who are fans of this blog, you know that we loves ourselves some comic book goodness. One of the next installments of Marvel's new and improved movies is going to be Thor. Though the title actor is still yet to be determined (Come on Triple H!), the topic of director has recently been brought back up because Kenneth Branagh has been talking to the studio about doing it.

This announcement comes as a welcome shock. Not only as an actor, but as a director is Mr. Branagh well versed in the classical "sauce" as some may put it so we can't wait to see how Shakespearean Thor will turn out.


1 comment:

Steve said...

Triple H is too ugly, too old, and CANNOT act well enough (at all) to play Thor. All he has is the size. Not the face, diction or skill. For Chissakes, Chris Jericho would be better. No, I hope they go for a total unknown while sticking as close to the look and feel of the original comic minus any camp. Branagh was most likely chosen to direct because Thor does have that Wagnerian/Shakespearean feel to it. Just hope he can do the action part right.

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