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Friday, September 19, 2008


I have absolutely no idea how to review this movie.

This probably stems from the fact that I have no idea what I thought of this movie.

I walked in with little to no expectations. I am a fan of Jason Biggs. He was very funny in the American Pies, and Saving Silverman. I am a fan of Dane Cook's stand-up, but not really of his movies. However, I was still looking forward to him in this. Kate Hudson had never made an impression on me, and I didn't know what this movie would be like.

It turns out that Jason Biggs was not funny, Dane Cook made me laugh a couple of times, and Kate Hudson kept the movie together.

The movie begins with Tank (Dane Cook) taking a girl on the worst date of her life. We see ten specific moments of absolute painful dating. He is disgusting, loud, horny, and disrespectful. She immediately calls her ex-boyfriend and apologizes to him. As she explains after this terrible date, she realizes that good guys like him are rare, and that she wants him back. Her boyfriend says he understands, hangs up the phone, and slides Tank a boatload of money. He thanks Tank, Tank pockets it, and responds casually, "It's what I do."

Such is Tank's life. And lucky for his roommate and best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs), that Tank does this. He's having problems with Alexis (Kate Hudson), and Tank is on the job.

But uh oh! Tank ends up falling for her! And Alexis likes him, too. Oh the problematic scenarios of Hollywood. I assume you can guess what unfolds from there.

Kate Hudson is really good. Her realness, and, surprisingly enough, her comedic timing kept me in the movie. Jason Biggs got stuck with a character that is so filled with misery that it is hard to enjoy him. Dane Cook does a good job with what he has, but never really gets to the "loveable main character" status.

Not to say this movie is absolute crap. I was definitely laughing for a lot of it. It has a couple interesting characters, and relationships, especially that of the relationship between Tank and his father (Alec Baldwin).

The real downfall of this movie is that Tank is never explored enough to figure out what kind of guy he really is, and thus, you never really want to root for him.

In a day and age when Judd Apatow has set the bar for what makes a great romantic comedy, movies like My Best Friend's Girl just can't seem to keep up.

1 star


Ezra Edmond said...

Yeah.... It looked interesting to me.... but so obviously cliched.

Wilder Shaw said...

If anything, I appreciate Kate Hudson more now.

Joshua Fischman said...

Nice review, Wilder!

Wilder Shaw said...

It's actually interesting, but it ended up avoiding the cliches, which I thought was respectable.

Ezra Edmond said...

oh really it did? That's interesting. Maybe I'll check it out to see how it does not conform to the usual.

Anonymous said...

In your first actual paragraph you started almost every single sentence with 'I'. C'mon man, you can write better than this. You have before.

Anonymous said...

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