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Monday, September 1, 2008

Apatow, Stoller, Hill, & Brand re-team for "Get Him To The Greek"

For those who the loved character of Aldous Snow in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall's ' from earlier this year, get ready to see him again. The entire team from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' (minus Jason Segel) are teaming up again for what is surely to be a hit known as "Get Him To The Greek."

According to Writer/Director Nick Stoller:
During the table read on 'Sarah Marshall,' Jonah and Russell had such a great chemistry," said Stoller, who described "Greek" as a very dirty take on "Almost Famous." "Even though they are such different actors with different styles, I thought there could be a great buddy comedy there."

The film follows Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, who is a rocker in England, and Jonah Hill, a fresh out of college Insurance Adjuster, who has the responsibility of getting Aldous to his next gig at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Here's the catch. The once clean Aldous, is back on drugs and booze, at a lower point than ever before.

It seems that it is indeed going to be another hit. Meanwhile, Nick Stoller is writing the upcoming Jim Carrey movie, "Yes Man." Due in theaters this holiday season.

Ps. While it is known that Russell Brand is still playing the character of Aldous, it is unknown if Hill is reprising the character of 'Matthew' from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. Time will tell I suppose.

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