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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Give ‘Em A Fighting Chance

An Editorial by Mark Donica

All right, so as I have mentioned in a previous blog, I am a born and bred wrestling fan. Starting in 2006, World Wrestling Entertainment (grumble) started exclusively producing film content utilizing their wrestling talent as the leads of the projects and lesser-known actors as the supporting cast. So far, WWE Films has produced the horror film See No Evil starring Glen “Kane” Jacobs and the action films The Marine and The Condemned starring John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin, respectively. Future films include 12 Rounds starring John Cena, Journey of Death starring Triple H, Suckerpunch starring Big Show and (sigh) The Marine 2, not starring John Cena. (found out this morning)

What I’ve noticed is that the general public dismiss these films because they star “wrestlers” not actors. If people had a lick of sense, they would know that PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS ARE ACTORS! They do more than “regular” actors because they perform verbally as well as physically. It’s usually the writers that I have gripes with in terms of WWE Television, but there are several performers that excel no matter what is written for them. Also, there is sense of originality in these films. See No Evil was one of the few original horror films since 2000. The Condemned borrows some elements from the Japanese novel/film Battle Royale, but allows for more carnage by replacing the children with death row convicts. The upcoming 12 Rounds deals with a man getting back at the cop (John Cena) that accidentally killed his wife in the process his capture. Blaming “Cena” of course, after he gets out of prison, he creates a series of seemingly impossible puzzles and tasks in order for Cena’s character to save his fiancé.

HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND!? A real life Batman/Riddler situation. It sounds like it’s going to be a good movie with a respectable and solid performer at the helm. What if instead of John Cena, it was an actor like Jason Statham? WWE doesn’t appeal to the populous on as large of a scale as mainstream actors, but what has to be realized is that these people act. I know full well as a fan that these people are acting, especially in the ring. Wrestlers VERY rarely have “shoot” matches anymore, they have scripted matches. They may or may not know how the entire match is mapped, but they at least know the finish. Also, these people perform live on a several times a week basis, so having them on the set is so handy because a lot of the shots have the possibility of needed one take.

The professional wrestling performers would be a huge advantage for Hollywood. Triple H was brushed aside as a possibility of playing the title character in the upcoming Marvel Studios Film Thor because the director didn’t think a “wrestler” could pull it off. Most people today still know who Triple H is because he was a big contributor of “The Attitude Era” when everyone watched WWF. He is one of the WWE’s top performers and currently the reigning WWE Champion. Don’t think that this is just a wrestling fans opinion, but also a fan of good films and knowing good workers when I see them. Hollywood needs to realize the potential that the WWE, TNA and other promotions can do for the business, but let’s forget that David Arquette won the WCW Championship as a promotion for Ready to Rumble.

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Wilder Shaw said...

I still think John Cena is awesome.

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