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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Upcoming: Anchorman Sequel is Moon Bound

In an interview with MTV's Movie Blog Paul Rudd mentioned that an Anchorman sequel is very possible after Adam McKay finishes his next project, Channel 3 Billion which is slated for a summer 2010 release date. He told MTV...
"Last I heard they were starting to write it and they were thinking about setting it in the eighties, [But] I know when we were shooting it [director] Adam [McKay] said if they ever did something it would have to be really weird like we were on the moon or something. I think it has to go even further if it was to work.”
at the Movie Watch, we'd advise taking this tidbit with a grain of salt. McKay's Channel 3 Billion will have a futuristic sci-fi dystopian television theme to it and to go immediately to an Anchorman sequel on the moon would seem a little too soon for the director. It could wind up being a minor quirk in the movie much like how in the original script there was planned to be a scene where Ron Burgundy would be singing with sharks in an Aquarium. With the release date so far off, anything can really happen.

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