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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jump Back in Time to: And God Created Woman (French Film)

Maybe you are rushing off to theaters this weekend to check out some dry new films like "Space Chimps" and "Fly Me to the Moon", but i'm going to suggest you go to the video rental store instead and pick up a copy of "Et Dieu... créa la femme". Yeah, its a French film from 1956, and its decently boring, but let me tell you why this is easily the greatest movie on earth.

"Et Dieu... créa la femme" roughly translates to "and God created woman" and the wonderful tagline is "but the Devil invented Brigitte Bardot!" Which pretty much means that Brigitte is a woman who needs to be tamed by the movies end.

Spoilers will occur, but the movie is from 1956 so who cares....

Basically this ridiculously long movie is about a Man named Michael who is married to a woman named Brigitte, who will not stay in the place society assumes her to constantly be in. This means that she is going all over town dancing with people in underground clubs, avoiding her husband Michael, and never being where she is supposed to be or doing what she is supposed to do. Michael gets fed up, and soon a rich old man named Carradine (Curd Jurguns) shows up, claiming he knows how to "tame the beast".

Eventually the film gets to the point where Brigitte is dancing in a club with two random guys who are playing the drums, and a fed up Michael comes in to shoot her because he is sick of having a wife who won't listen. Carradine shows up and gets shot instead on accident, does not notice, walks up to Brigitte and slaps her about 8 times, finally putting her in her place. Brigitte tells Carradine that he has been shot, and Carradine says "No big deal, it only went through me." The he walks off.

Michael offers to take him to the hospital, so they get in a convertible to take the scenic route. The film ends with Michael about to get off the freeway to get to the hospital, but Carradine says "Take me to the other hospital", Michael says "But is is so far away we may not make it." Carradine solemnly replies " I like the other hospital better." Fade out.

This movie is simply absurd, and I'm not actually sure if it is trying to be or not. I would certainly recommend checking it out though, because its very fun to watch, especially when you stop to realize how far women have come from roles like this today.

4 stars

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