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Monday, August 18, 2008

Spot The Difference

Remember back in the 90's when you would go to the video store to rent Aladdin, and you would come out with Aladdin, but it would be a crummy knock off about a guy named Aladdin but not the same story at all... and the animation sucked. This is the result of studios like "Video Brinquedo", a Brazilian based company that takes every good Pixar and Dreamworks movie, and pumps out a really sh***y version two or three days later.

Please... for your consideration... here are the looser trailers and the trailers for the real Dreamworks / Pixar movies. Tell me if you can spot the differences.

NOTE*** Everytime I am at a store that is selling this insult to film, I take it off the shelf and hide it. I expect you to do the same. Even if you work for the company that made this.

TINY ROBOTS / WALL-E (I had to use a user posted trailer, because the company does not have embed code for this one)

LITTLE CARS / CARS (Here is just a clip from 'Little Cars'


LITTLE BEE / BEE MOVIE (The trailer is kinda dubbed cause the company won't allow me to embed it)

and the best one...


Read more about Vídeo Brinquedo here!

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