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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekly Ad Classics: Guy Ritche: BMW THE HIRE Episode 4 STAR

            If any advertising campaign ever blurred the lines between film and advertising it has to be BMW’s The Hire. Part ads part short films with significant product placement The Hire was a series of eight episodes each one by a different director, each one featuring Clive Owen as “the Driver”. The plot of each film differs, and in some it is hard to tell if there is a plot, but in short this was basically The Transporter with BMWs instead of Audis and Owen instead of Statham. The series became so popular the BMW released a DVD and a second season consisting of three more episodes and four mini-episodes that were meant to tie the story together. Season 2 provided the series with what is perhaps its most well known episode: Beat The Devil, which was directed by Tony Scott and featured James Brown and Danny Trejo. However personally I enjoy the earlier episodes that had a bit more of comedy to them. Star by Guy Ritchie featuring Madonna is a good example of star power in an ad that really wants to be a short movie. Enjoy:

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