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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Chanel #5 The Film

            Although not as ambitious an endeavor as BWM Films, Chanel a brand recognized for its theatrical marketing campaigns just as much as for its actual products did give it a go at the whole filmic advertising. After a low sales streak in the 80s Channel recruited Ridley Scott to create an ad that would revitalize the movie glamour and sophistication that the brand had been asosiated with in its early days. The resulting commercials have been inventive mini-films that play with the silhouette and reflection of the Chanel #5 bottle, while adding touches of fantasy and seduction; simply, because this is a perfume ad we are talking about. The Chanel #5 Films have been directed by filmmakers like Ridley Scott, Baz Luherman, and Sophia Coppola; this is the most recent installment by the French filmmaker, Jean-Pierre Jeunet most famous for bringing us Amélie and A Very Long Engagement. Despite the size of the production, it is possibly the least extravagant and easiest to watch of them all in the long version. Enjoy:

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