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Monday, April 19, 2010

YouTube's Top Ten

So as of yesterday, for the first time since its creation, all of the top ten most watch YouTube videos have over 100 million views. Granted YouTube videos, aren’t precisely movies but they are part of the trash-media/cinematic culture of today. Together these ten videos (about 1 hour of material) have over 1 billion views. That is a fact that I believe to be quite impressive. So since we have not posted a YouTube pick in quite a while, I will post ten today. So without further ado here are the YouTube’s top ten as of April 18th 2010:

Number 10: Lo Que Quieras Oir (100,431,569 views)

Yes there is a Spanish video on the list (and some in other languages) showing how the Internet and YouTube is a world phenomenon.

Number 9: Lady Gaga’s Just Dance ft. Colby O’Donis (106,943,734 views)

She is just so weird.

Number 8. Miley Cyrus’ Party in the U.S.A. (109,370,701 views)

This is the reason 12-16 year olds are such a powerful demographic; they are the world’s top consumers. They have also removed the embed by request but here is the link:

Number 7: Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Terrorist (110,476,854 views)

I was surprised at this one. Out of all the terrorist jokes in the net I would have expected a JibJab video.

Number 6: Hahaha – Small daring boy (115,293,400 views)

Scientific research shows that babies are genetically designed to make adults want to give them attention. If this video does not prove it, I am not sure what will.

Number 5: PitBull’s I Know You Want Me (115,464,496 views)

Sexy women and a catchy tune: In my opinion Destination Calabria should have been in its place. But whom am I to complain; the people have spoken and PitBull is preferred.

Number 4: Miley Cyrus’ 7 Things (115,911,086 views)

Yep that corporate Disney drone that teaches 12 year olds how to pole dance has two videos. Just in case you did not believe me earlier when I said 12-16 are rabid ‘I wanna these, I wanna that’ crowd.

Number 3: Evolution of Dance (115,911,086 views)

If you though Napoleon Dynamite had good moves you haven’t seen nothin’. This is hard proof that we have been facing a dance crisis since the mid 90s.

Number 2: Charlie bit my finger – again! (180,222,573 views)

Yes there had to be a sequel on the list. And further proof of how cute babies can be and how exploitative their parents can get.


The most watched You Tube video of all time is…


This is impressive. Lady Gaga has been around for about a year and she already tops veterans. I am not sure what this proves; are people that attracted to weirdness? Whatever just enjoy the music is overplayed but the people seem to demand it.

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