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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Combover for Dinner


I just wanted to put the word out for the upcoming animated short "Combover for Dinner".

Meet HAROLD COMBS a middle-aged accountant who knows that he has found the girl of his dreams, now he only has to convince her of that fact. But Harold has a secret shame that he has “hidden” from the world, his COMBOVER.

Directed by Dave Holbrook, the film promises to showcase a lot of charm and quality (especially by the look of the animatic), however there is one catch...

The film is being funded entirely by donations, so if we ever want to see this exciting idea realized fully, we have to put a little of ourselves into it, but here's the cool news!

Dave is offering official producer credit for anyone who donates! Meaning if "Combover for Dinner" gets the Oscar, next year - YOU will be an Oscar winning producer!

So, check out the site, everything they've got so far, and if you feel so inclined, make a donation so that everyone might be able to see this film one day!

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