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Monday, May 4, 2009


I have good news for everybody. This is absolutely one of the best films of the year.

This reboot of the Star Trek franchise covers all of its bases without retconning anything that has already happened. In fact, it acknowledges it at one point. Everybody knows of Leonard Nemoy, the original Spock, appearing in the film. It is more than just a cameo. He actually plays an integral part to the plot.

The backstory of both Kirk and Spock starts the flick with the rest of the regular Enterprise crew showing up later, and in the case of Scotty, much later. Kirk's backstory is a bit different than his already established back story, but that is because of the new Romulan enemy, Nero that appears literally out of nowhere. Jim ends up being convinced to join Star Fleet by a man that served under Kirk's father who died after defending the USS Kelvin from Nero's attack. 

Spock joined Star Fleet to spite the Vulcan council for thinking he was at a disability because he was half human. He reached the position of Commander and was First Officer on the Enterprise's maiden voyage, full of cadets because of a distress call from the planet Vulcan. All hell breaks loose and the Enterprise is the only ship that can stop it. 

The look of the ship and the costumes is retro, but at the same time futuristic. Seeing the NCC-1701 in its new CG glory is something that may take fans back. The designs have been updated, but maintain the same design as the original series. In fact, if anything, it takes the ideas given by the original series and expands upon them. From the costumes to the phasers to the ships themselves, everything is more detailed and more realistic. The inside jokes with the Trek faithfully are inserted into the movie. The most memorable Star Trek dialogue is placed perfectly and not overtly and let me just say that I feel sorry for any crew member in red that has to go onto the planet with the away team.

This film looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, is wonderfully acted and as Spock would say, "Is quite logical". It has a story line that only a strong, well-established franchise could pull off with a cast that makes you want to get behind it. More films are on the way and if they are anything like this one, they'll blow everyone away. If you are a fan of the series or not, this is a fantastic movie. For the non-sci-fi/Star Trek crowds that have relatives or significant others that are fans, you will enjoy this movie. I guarantee it. Go ahead! Seek out new films and new franchises. BOLDLY GO TO SEE THIS FILM!

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Patrick Lundberg said...

i knew it! it gave me a good vibe. DEAR GOD i can't wait to see the movie on thursday night now

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