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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Terminator Salvation, starring Christian Bale.

Everything in that sentence except the word "Terminator" is a lie.

The movie should be called, "Terminator Loud Explosions, starring Sam Worthington, with a special appearance by Batman".

Christian Bale is by no means the star of this movie. Maybe John Connor is a famous character, but the real main character is Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington.

The year is 2018. The war with the machines is in its peak. Across the known world, groups of refugees, called "The Resistance" huddle in small groups, and send signals to each other, planning out how to destroy the place where the machines are created; their headquarters at SkyNet.

Boy oh boy, it's a good thing I've seen the first two Terminators because anyone who hasn't is going to be very lost. In the Star Wars saga, each film stands on its own. Even the second one.

The other real issue with this movie goes back to Christian Bale again. Now, it's important for me to note that I am big fan of Bale's. But in this movie, he Christian Fails. He's Batman. Not only that, but he's a Batman with less depth. The Dark Knight was as close to perfection as a movie gets. I racked my brain trying to find flaws with it, but the only thing I could come up with is how over-the-top Bale's voice was. Unfortunately for me, he has almost the same voice for all of Terminator Salvation. Because, in my opinion, he is certainly not the main character, and his acting is pretty terrible, Bale brings this movie down a notch, something I never thought I would say. I would have liked to see someone else play Connor.

Oh, you know who would have been good to play John Connor?

The guy who played John Connor.

Other than that, and the fact that there are some serious plot holes, the movie is pretty good. It has some ridiculous visuals, and some fantastic sound. That's a weird thing to say, but the sound mixing and editing stands out. Explosions, rumbling, and smoke make their way into your minds so you feel as though you are actually in this battlefield.

Ah, and you know what else rocks? THE CINEMATOGRAPHY. Yes, Shane Hurlbut , the cinematographer who Bale pinned as being, "amateur" sure seems to know what he's doing. This movie had some of the most gorgeous color schemes I've seen in a while.

As for the acting, it is pretty solid as a whole. Anton Yelchin is very, very good, and after floating around Hollywood for a while it seems that in this and Star Trek he has found his way towards becoming a star. Funny, I used to know the guy in middle school.

Common is awful. The only reason I say this is because I know the guy can act, and I saw him Smokin' Aces, and he was great. Not in this, though. Luckily, Common and Bale are the only poor ones here. Moon Bloodgood and Sam Worthington are very good as well. Helena Bonham Carter is not too shabby either, except her character is the stem of most of the plot holes.

The movie is fantastically directed. McG nails this one. I haven't seen any other films by him, but I do watch Chuck, and this movie is like a longer, more intense version of Chuck. I'm a fan of the way he shoots things.

As for the fan service; there's a lot. But you know what?

I'm a fan.

3 stars


Ezra Edmond said...

I agree with you on most everything except your "re-title" it should certainly be called Salvation and tomorrow with a spoiler ridden article I will explain why.

but damn entertaining movie though, especially since it moves ALOT slower than almost every other action movie. Def same feel of the old ones.

Wilder said...

Salvation works, but there's a whole lot less salvation, and a lot of loud explosions.

need coffee said...

Christian Bale is good but that new guy, Same Worthington, was great... in fact he pretty much stole the show

Ezra Edmond said...

I agree. and there is more salvation than you apparently noticed Wilder. Worthington walks around saving EVERYONE. EVERY CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE

Wilder Shaw said...

Yeah, I got that.
My point is that there were way too many loud explosions.

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