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Thursday, April 28, 2011


For the third installment of our weekly commercials we have one of Martin Scorsese’s most recent ads, Bleu de Chanel. While not as memorable as the ads previously shown, it does demonstrate the versatility of Scorsese as a master filmmaker. Not that we needed an ad to tell us so, his movies speak for more, but Scorsese was one of the first star filmmakers that gave it a go in directing ads. While directors like Michel Gondry and Gonzales Iñarritu began their careers in advertising and then moved onto film, Scorsese worked the other way around. His Armani commercials are classics, while his American Express ad is a masterpiece in simplicity. As far as doing an ad for a fragrance, well, like the names of such fragrances it doesn’t really have to make sense. So the filmmaker is free to do what he pleases within the theme of Bleu (whatever that means). Enjoy:

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