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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: LEGION

If you, like the filmmakers, imagined that Legion would be a cool, stylistic and biblical movie about the end of the world similar to the great Constantine, you had better turn around and go see Youth In Revolt instead, because at least Youth In Revolt is a comedy on purpose.

Legion is easily one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen, filled with characters you don't care about, minus one or two great ones that die trying to help the other useless people.

And while, at the bottom of this review you see a "1", I am going to recommend you see it, because it might be the most fun you have at a theater all year if you go in with the right attitude. I, for example, was laughing so hard at, not with, the movie that I believe I was irritating the people in front of me. They weren't aware that this movie was a comedy on accident.

Legion is about a group of randoms at a truck stop in the desert who are suddenly faced with the apocalypse because, and I quote, "God just got tired of all the bullshit".


See, one of the characters (Adrianne Palicki) is preggers, right? And, and, and, and, the angel Michael (Paul Bettany) has come to tell her that her baby is gonna save the world... and... and... and that's why God wants to kill the world with his angels... even though angels are normally the good guys... and... then there's this other angel, Gabriel (a very shiny Kevin Durand) right? And he, like, wants to kill the baby... but Michael is gonna try to defend them even though he got orders to kill the baby, but he disobeyed them because he became infatuated with one of the characters named JEEP (Lucas Black).


Anyways, I have exhausted myself trying to explain this plot. If you go see Legion and you prepare yourself for a truly terrible movie (complete with angels shooting fire from guns, and the single greatest one-liner I have heard in years), you may have a grand old time, like I did. But if you want to save your money on something actually worthwhile, I couldn't have a thing to say about it. If you want quality filmmaking, avoid it all costs.

I guess it all depends on if you, like God, are tired of all the bullshit.

1 star

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