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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lord of Kiwiland

Our favorite not-fat-anymore director, Peter Jackson, has been knighted by the country of New Zealand.

They cited "services to film" as their excuse, but the real reason, kept in a locked box in the deepest dungeons of Barad-Dur, is that Jackson was jealous of Ian McKellan, Ian Holm and Christopher Lee, and threatened to film The Hobbit films in Austrailia instead if they didn't make him just as awesome.

Regardless, the man deserves to be called a lord and have all sorts of lavish things thrown at him since Kiwiland was just a silly little island chain down under the ozone hole until the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed there. One decade later (dear god it really has been almost a decade since The Fellowship of the Ring was released, hasn't it...) the Kiwi's are on the map as one of the best film production locales in the world and tourism has soared in the land down under the land down under.

Well done Sir. You, my friend, bow to no one.

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