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Thursday, November 13, 2008

What We Like: Wilder's Favorites

Hey all. Get ready, because here be me faves.

Yes, Back to the Future. I regard all three parts as one movie, and thus, I regard all three parts as my favorite movie of all time. The perfection of casting, the ahead-of-its-time special effects, and the comedy make this movie so enjoyable. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd bring so much life to these movies, it is hard to hate them. The Back to the Futures are movies I can watch any time, and enjoy every minute.

"ED, THIS IS SERIOUS." Shaun of the Dead is not only a spoof of my one of my favorite styles of film, but it is a damn funny one. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright bring together a movie filled with laughs, heart, and blood. The real appeal of this movie is the writing. It's so incredibly layered that you can't help but sit in awe with every re-viewing. Almost every line of dialogue comes back in some way at some point in the movie. It weaves in touching moments, as well as true comedic gold. Shaun rocks.

Sleeper is one of those movies that makes me laugh so hard I cry. No matter how many times I watch it, it doesn't get old. Woody Allen's physical comedy is so impeccable, it blows my mind. The slapstick, old timey feel set in the future makes for a great juxtaposition, and the swing music soundtrack helps as well.

Mark said it best:
"These are some of my favorite movies that I can watch any time of day, any day of the week."


Lauren Ann said...

I'm so glad you like The Back To The Future. The trilogy definitely makes my top list. The magic is really in the details for me, like all the signs that change once Marty comes back from whenever. Genius.

Plus, I've always wanted a hover board.

Wilder Shaw said...

Who doesn't want a hoverboard?

Yeah, ever since about 6th grade, those movies just held some sort of awesome majesty in my eyes.

Mark Donica said...

Win, party of one!

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