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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Editorial: The YouTube Generation's Effect on Film

Everybody wants to be a star, whether it be in music, movies or mastery of Guitar Hero, but until YouTube, there wasn't a place in the world for one's work to be universally praised or pushed to the ground. This new virtual playground of YouTube has many amateur filmmakers trying to get their faces known so they can be represented. It isn't as preposterous a claim as a comedian being found in a comedy club.

The majority of YouTube is stupid "comedy" and pirated things in terrible quality. However, there is a small amount of material that is very well produced and well scripted. As evidenced by our recent feature of the "YouTube Pick of the Week", there are certainly different varieties of well produced content.

Only recently have the studios taken it upon themselves to use YouTube to release certain things related to their products, but also given the users on the video site opportunities. One of the most subscribed users on YouTube, Ryan "nigahiga" Higa has been producing "How To" videos, sing alongs and rants with his friend Sean Fujioshi for over a year. Later this year, a film loosely based on their success titled Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure is going to be given a limited release. This film will feature another YouTube star, Michael Buckley, host of the "What The Buck? Show" as the talent scout that finds them.

A group that knew that it wanted to be in the business, Derrick Comedy, has written, directed and produced their own feature called Mystery Team that has yet to get a release date. The movie is about the three main contributors of Derrick Comedy, Dominic, Donald and D.C., as a team of super-sleuths that started solving mysteries when they were seven. The problem is that they are still trying to solve mysteries in their senior year of high school. Hilarity ensues with familiar faces to fans of Derrick Comedy, including current Saturday Night Live cast member Bobby Moynihan who is featured in the video "Bro Rape" as well as a lot of the live performance that Derrick Comedy puts on in the New York City Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

There is plenty of talent out there and those who haven't "made it" are willing to put in that extra effort to make it great. It may not be for everyone, but the struggling artist definitely has a home on YouTube. Let's just hope that Hollywood takes more notice to this rising trend of internet film making so we can see more fresh talent and ideas.

Here is a preview for Mystery Team. Enjoy!

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