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Monday, November 3, 2008

Futurama: Boldly Going Where No (well very few) Cancelled Shows Have Gone Before

Cancelled science fiction shows have a way of perfectly working to come back as movies. Firefly came back with Serenity, X files came back with The X files Movie, and Sex and the City came back with Sex and the City earlier this summer. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. For Futurama, it is working.

Futurama was created back in 1999 by Matt Groenig (The creator of The Simpsons). It ran for four seasons and was an animated series about a guy named Fry who was frozen by cryogenics in 1999, and woke up in the year 3000. The show chronicled Fry's adventures for the next few years as he settled into New New York and his new job as a delivery boy for an interstellar delivery service.

The show was ripe with great humor, most of it being clever puns on our modern day activities, or great references to famous sci-fi movies or television shows (often Star Trek or Star Wars). Then it got cancelled, but DVD sales have led to it coming back in a new form - four feature length 'straight to DVD' films, which constitute as a 5th season and will hopefully lead to Futurama being picked back up for television broadcast for more seasons in the near future.

The most recent series to make a film based on DVD sales was the animated series Family Guy. Several years after being cancelled, they released a straight to DVD film which did so well that Family Guy was picked up for four more seasons. This is the plan for Futurama.

The movies are titled as follows: Bender's Big Score (Released), The Beast With a Billion Backs (Released), Bender's Game (Bender's Game), and Into the Wild Green Yonder (February).

Each film picks up immediately after its predecessor, making it very similar to a live action one hour drama on television. The most recent film - Bender's Game hits the shelves for purchase today, so go check it out. It should be pretty funny, though I recommend you see the previous two first.

Here's the trailer for Bender's Game


Mark Donica said...

Benders Game is great.


Chris Cookson said...

I tried watching Bender's Big Score...couldn't make it through more than an hour of it. I'm still hoping the popularity of these DVD movies leads to a renewal on Comedy Central they just need to bring the series back to its roots.

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