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Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh no... here we go again. Lucas plans to rerelease Star Wars in 3D.

You heard right. It is not like we didn't see it coming; George Lucas has milked the Star Wars franchise as much as it naturally could, and he is planning to continue way past the time the franchise turns dry. The films will be released in chronological order starting in February 2012 with Episode 1. The good news is the world ends that year, so we won't get to see our beloved trilogy bastardized once again.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Every time I think 3D has something more to it than just being a gimmick, a move like this is puked out simply for the sake of money. 3D will never work. Simply because 3D was created to bring in the mullah and not for aesthetic purposes. Better to just enjoy the original trilogy in your home theater. The blu-ray box sets have been announced and those I do endorse.


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Nick Adams said...

Yah! Characters with depth!

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