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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Updates and Other Exciting Business!

Hey Everyone!

I'm Ezra Edmond, one of your writers here at The Movie Watch. I just wanted to drop in and let all you readers know of some very exciting changes we have going on here, which you will see materializing in the next couple of days.

Firstly, our URL is no longer but! So update those bookmarks, it's about time we had a easy to remember URL!

Other changes are including layouts and features. Over the next week or so, you will be seeing new features like: video reviews and commentary, new sidebar content, and of course new reviews! We're also revising the 'you-tube pick of the week' (devoted readers will remember that), and guest posts - so if you have an opinion you wish to share with the world - email your article to us at and maybe you'll see it on the main page!

That's all for now, so I'll leave you with this incredible short animated film I found online the other day. It's called "Thought of You" and is by Ryan J. Woodward, a long-time effects animator at Double Negative, who has probably worked on many films you have enjoyed!

Check out 'Thought of You' below!

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

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