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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's going to be nearly impossible to convince my readers of this little fact, but I'm going to have to try. My enormous crush on Rachel McAdams really takes a backseat to what I thought about her in this movie. Despite my constant ramblings of my love for her, I still believe she is the main thing that makes this movie as good as it is. I know, I have no credibility. But I guess you'll just have to believe me; I objectively loved her performance.

Morning Glory is one of those movies that didn't really need to be made, but it was, and it turned it to be just fine. Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford team together to create characters that you really enjoy to watch, and they lift the movie from your average fall comedy to one of the more memorable ones of the year.

In my opinion, acting isn't about giant speeches and realistic tears. It's about becoming a character so convincingly that you truly believe you are watching a real person. This is why Sandra Bullock won an Oscar this year, and this is why I consider Amy Adams' performance in Enchanted one of the greatest performances of all time. In Roger Michelle's Morning Glory, McAdams and Ford light up the screen with true, believable performances.

Becky Fuller (McAdams), after being fired from her tiny morning show job in New Jersey, has found herself at Daybreak, a failing morning show in New York. She begins work as the executive producer for Jerry Barnes (A hilarious Jeff Goldblum) and soon finds that the show is failing even more than she anticipated. Before long, she is on a quest to get the ratings up by hiring legendary, yet washed up old reporter Mike Pomeroy (Ford). Along with his co-anchor Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton), the quest to make the show more entertaining begins.

It's really very funny. Harrison Ford had me laughing harder than anyone in the movie. He plays Pomeroy as a truly put-upon man, a man who is too good for almost everything. Ford is so wonderful in this role, the single biggest laugh I had from him is the way he says "frittata". You'll see.

Yes, Rachel McAdams. She plays Fuller with such a spark of life, it's too bad this movie wasn't made earlier in her career. She's so peppy and lovable, it's no surprise to me that I am not the first reviewer to point out her charisma. I truly believe McAdams to be one of the most talented actresses around these days, despite her little hiccups with terrible choices in the last year or so. Here in Morning Glory, she's found a character people won't likely forget.

Honorable mention must be given to Matt Malloy as Ernie Appleby, the weatherman. About two thirds of the way through the movie, he's likely to become the audience's favorite character. John Pankow also leaves a lasting impression as Fuller's assistant producer, providing a solid likability that you really don't find very often. And finally Patrick Wilson plays Adam Bennett, the love interest. He's an awesome character on paper, maybe even hilarious, but Wilson seems oddly miscast here. It truly might be that he's not a funny guy - a grea actor in things like Watchmen, but just odd here.

Like I said, there's nothing wildly original about Morning Glory, but it's hilarious, and it's loaded with characters you truly care about. You feel good throughout it all, and most importantly you get to witness two characters played by McAdams and Ford that truly feel real. This is quite an achievement for movies today, especially in comedies. It's not a movie that asks the important questions about life, the universe, and everything, but it does ask the only question that's necessary for a movie about a morning show - what's the story?

Oh hey, now I get the title.

4 stars

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Castor said...

Nice review Wilder. Morning Glory was surprisingly enjoyable and really much more of a “com” than a “rom”. I agree that McAdams gives a wonderful performance, not her most challenging but certainly one of her most appealing so far.

It’s too bad it didn’t so well at the box office because we could use more movies like this instead of the pathetic and generic Katherine Heigl/Jennifer Aniston rom-coms we are seeing every other month…

Check out my Morning Glory movie review if you are interested!

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